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1998 International Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering, Mse '98...

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Author: IEEE Computer Society
Publisher: Institute of Electrical & Electronics Enginee
Publication Date: 1998-10
ISBN: 0818689250
Type: Paperback

Engineering Design Communication Custom MSM 160 isbn 0536612889

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by Shawna D. Lockhart , Cindy M. Johnson ISBN: 0536612889 , 9780536612885 . Appears Unread Paperback , Publisher: Pearson Custom Publishing 2000

Origin of Modern Calculating Machines by J.A.V. Turck 1921 Hardcover origins

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1921 First Edition Hardcover by JAV Turck
published by: Western Society of Engineers

Origin of modern calculating machines; a chronicle of the evolution of the principles that form the generic make up of the modern calculating machine.

contents include Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz calculator .

The paper tone is much lighter than the scan appearance. Embossed permaflex covers.