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Audels Radiomans Guide 1964 Radioman Audel Edwin P. Anderson

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1964 Second edition Audel's Radioman guide
by Edwin P. Anderson
updated by David E Hicks cat no. Aud3a
covers theory construction and servicing including television TVelectronics ( and Tube Radio Electronics ).
Previous owner inscription inside. Otherwise unmarked.

Automobile Engineering Volume VI American Technical Society 1930 6 ATS

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Automobile Engineering Vol VI Electrical Equipment ;-

Reading Wiring Diagrams and Auxiliary Electrical Equipment,
Wiring Diagrams and Data Sheets,
Electrical Repairs,
Glossary of Automobile Terms,
Wiring Diagram Index,
Trouble Shooting Index,
General Index.

Embossed Burgundy Permaflex soft covers.

Editor: Jessie M. Shepherd
Publisher: American Technical Society (1930)
8.4 x 5.9 inches, 433 pages.

Avanced Grinding Practice Machinery's Mechanical Library Volume IV

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Advanced Grinding Practice A Treatise on Precision Grinding Methods and the Equipment Used in Modern Grinding Practice
by Douglas T. Hamilton and Franklin D. Jones

Machinery's Mechanical Library series books, Volume IV

1915 The Industrial Press Hardcover

Unmarked text, lite cover wear , No dust jacket.

Aviation Engines Volume II 354 D International Textbook ITC by Daniel J Brimm

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1940 ITC Scranton, PA Hardcover Aviation Engines - Book II 2 - 354D, consisting of 3 Parts in this single volume:

1- Aviation Engine Carbureters, by ICS Staff, E.L. Eveleth and E.H Fenn , 1938
2- Elementary Principles of Electricity by ICS Staff , 1935
3- Aviation Engine Ignition, by Daniel J. Brimm Jr. 1940

Unmarked contents and Excellent covers .